According to Dr. Lipton, Professor of Medicine from Stamford University, more than 95% of our brains work on an unconscious level and it is that 95% that drive our decision making - even in giving to charity. Do you know what unconscious needs you need to tap to make it irresistible for people to give to your charity?

Some people give to charity because they think doing good is good for their image. In our NeedsInsight® model below this is highlighted as “Seeking Appreciation” - a need that highlights people who are concerned about how others perceive them and are driven to give money to meet their need to be appreciated. It is one of the self-directed needs many people have.

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People often tell you they give to charity for the most obvious and socially-acceptable reasons.

But there's more to giving than that!

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Reasons for Giving

People donate to good causes for a variety of reasons. The NeedsInsight® model for charities was developed using hundreds of in-depth interviews with psychologists and validated with quantitative studies in more than 10 countries. It shows the full range of psychological needs that motivate people to give.

Beyond the Obvious

There is a psycho:logic to people's charitable giving. Some reasons are based on conscious motivations. Many are unconscious. Based on Morphological Psychology developed in Germany, NeedsInsight® goes beyond the obvious. It shows, through data analysis, what really drives people to give and to what causes.

Drive More Giving

NeedsInsight® has been used to help charities in 35 countries globally.

  • Applied to an online charity site in Spain it increased average donations by 88%.

  • Applied to charity Facebook ads in Germany it increased campaign click through rates by 7.5 times.

Raising more funds for a cause is always tough. Use NeedsInsight® to improve your understanding of what works and raise more money.