What you get from working with mext:

Take a crash course in the neuroscience and psycho:logic of trust that turns the concept of trust into an actionable framework.

You’ll never forget it!

You’ll never regret it!



Some basics about trust:


1. Trust doesn’t take eons to build and it’s not destroyed in the blink of an eye. Trust is built and destroyed every millisecond. The trick is to build more and destroy less.


2. Trust is never amorphous. You always trust for something. Actions, messages, tonality, design, place.


3. Trust is never just about comfort and security and the like. Trust is equally about adventure, wishes, fun and progress.



Neuroscience: trust is physical.

When we receive signals we want to trust for, our amygdala releases oxytocin. Oxytocin gives us that trusting, good feeling that so powerfully changes our behaviour.



Psycho:logic. Trust is logical.

Professor Luhman described trust as acting like blinkers, narrowing your choices



Trust consists of many ‘what fors’. But only a small percentage is conscious to us. However, it’s the 95% unconscious trust drivers and inhibitors that drive our behaviours. Knowing and managing these is critical



Our mind is very logical. It categorises all these trust signals into six distinct categories.

These six trust categories and their interactions are revealed in the HuTrust® model. Developed with the late Professor W. Salber, the father of the most modern full psychology theory; it is scientifically correct, statistically robust and practically proven.


Knowing our HuTrust® methodology allows you to:

  • Understand your trust.
  • Identify many more relevant trust drivers.
  • Determine how, when and with whom to use them.
  • Determine what you want to be trusted for and build that trust precisely.


HuTrust® is not just another model. It’s so effective and intuitive because it just makes conscious to us what happens in our minds anyway.

In practice we call the six categories of trust the ‘six buckets’ of trust. It’s a simple and psychologically true way of looking at trust and every team member can work with it.



How we work with you:

We know how to apply trust in a practical way; anything from brand development and customer experience to employee engagement and sales training.



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