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“I have worked with mext as a client many times developing an appreciation and understanding for mext’s unique capabilities along the way. Now working for mext, I am able to apply my knowledge in trust for you.”



Every little bit of trust increases loyalty exponentially.

Every little more trust exponentially increases client propensity to consider and engage you,  recommend and stay loyal.

At mext we have helped clients build that critical trust for the last 15 years with leading organisations from Australia to Qatar and from Airlines to Professional Services to Telecommunication practically and instantly based on the latest science of trust.

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What is Trustifying?

Trust is the key driver of our behaviour, but how do you determine the most trustworthy messages and design and write to maximise trust?

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Trustifying is taking what you do anyway and applying the lens of behavioural science of trust to it – resulting in significantly more effective communication. In many of our measurable case we achieve instant performance improvement results of between 33% and up to 500%.

The Hutrust® Model is the latest in psychology of trust. It visualises how our mind processes trust triggers, thus allowing us to precisely define and use the best trust triggers. Applying them is what we call Trustifying.



Trustified CV/LinkedIn Profile

A lot of work is done on Partner CVs and LinkedIn Profiles – and quite rightly so. With prospects any little more trust can mean the difference between being considered and invited, or not. With clients it can mean the chance of a cross sale or doubling of their loyalty. It is therefore about building not just more trust, but the right trust and becoming the most trusted at any stage.

Here is a typical first sentence example on a law firm partner’s CV and LI Profile.

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The trustified example adds development trust (forefront of..) and benefit trust (winning numerous landmark cases for his clients).

In this sentence and the typical subsequent copy only stability and competence trust are built.



What can I apply this to?


We apply our Trustify® approach end to end, developing everything from:

  • Global Brand Development

  • Client Experience Design

  • Client and Practice Strategy

To where the rubber hits the road – for example:

  • Day to day emails

  • Meeting Design

  • Pitch optimisation

  • CVs & LinkedIn Profiles

  • Partner Speeches

  • Any other interaction internally or with clients



Our service offering  includes:

  • Insight

  • Consulting & development

  • Workshops and Training to empower the teams and internalise the expertise

Our scope ranges from:   

  • Trustify® Optimiser– quick improvements (set, low price)

  • Trustify® – custom, deeper trustification of your current or planned materials

  • Ad hoc advice and brainstorms    

  • Workshops and training

  • End to end projects



Try our Trustify® Optimiser now!

Build more trust in your firm and partners instantly with Trustif Optimiser! Try our US$100 offer now and Trustify® one of your materials.

Great items to experience the difference are CVs, LinkedIn Profiles, and Proposal Covers.

Just send us the CV, LinkedIn Description (or the links) , and Proposal Covers. We will instantly trust improve it for you with a few changes and get it back to you within three working days. 

If you don’t like the difference, you just don’t pay.

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