What you get from working with mext:

  • Teams empowered to include the trust lens in their brand building and management.
  • A mix of consulting and training so you know how to use trust in brand development but you receive guidance and support on the journey.


Methodology matters which is why we use HuTrust®.

Because HuTrust® is the psychologically correct model of trust, it conclusively links KPIs and customer behaviour. By defining the kind of brand values you need to have, HuTrust® is the perfect tool for precise and powerful brand development and optimisation.



"Seamless from insight to impact;
it’s analytical, inspiring and empowering."



How we work with you:

Brand Insight.

Understand qualitatively and quantitatively the current status of your brand, your competitors and your brand opportunities.


Brand development.

What you want/need to be trusted for.
Measure: level of fulfilment.


Brand substantiation. 

Know how to build and strengthen trust through your brand.

Trust drivers/equity current and future. Inhibitors to be eliminated.
Measure: number & appeal.


Brand activation.

Function, channel & touchpoint.
Measure: Trust/NPS, bottom line measures.

  • Product development    
  • Free e-learning modules
  • Free science of trust book    
  • Training design
  • Marketing         
  • Sales
  • Magic box            
  • Web design
  • Empower clients    
  • Brand book


Find out about how we can Trustify® other areas of your business: