What you get from working with mext:

Our leadership programs empower your leaders to build and manage trust systematically and fluently with internal and external stakeholders



“Leaders can no longer trust in power; instead, they rely on the power of trust.” 

    - Charles Green, Forbes




Because every little more or less trust has such a strong impact, leaders need to be able to assess, build and manage trust as a professional skill. God given talent and a fluffy notion of trust within a leadership program is simply not good enough.



Learning to be trusted is a blast.

Leaders learn to become more trusted and learn more about themselves in an inspiring and eye-opening way.

Your people won’t forget the experience and will be able to fluently use it on a day-to-day basis, making changes immediately.


This learning sticks. 

Through peer feedback your people immediately experience how powerful the trust drivers they discover are.



How we work with you:

  • Insight        
  • Consulting
  • Training        
  • Workshops
  • Coaching        
  • Presentations
  • Train the trainer


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