What you get from working with mext:

  • Empower your leaders to build and manage trust more effectively in every interaction.

  • Capability to deal with any issue you encounter better.

  • Measure and steer your trust more effectively.



With HuTrust® you know what your organisational trust and reputation is made up of.


You know what drives your reputation.



Issues Management.

You know how to plan for and assess issues as well as how to rebuild trust more strongly if something happens.



Know how to build trust with every interaction. 

  • Media interactions

  • Press releases

  • Internal and external communications

  • Investor communications

  • Community and engagement

  • Regulatory communications



How we work with you:

  • Executive briefs

  • Coaching

  • Team training

  • Insight

  • Consulting



Find out about how we can Trustify® other areas of your business: