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Transformative brands and experiences with a trust twist

Trust. It's what moves people more than anything else.

And your brand and experiences are all about trust.

It's intuitive and well-proven that trust determines over 75% of your performance and that the most trusted brands in each category are the most profitable.

So it makes sense to build your brand and experiences based on trust because they embody your audience's non-negotiable trust and, more importantly, trust desires.


With rigorous TrustLogic® and creativity, we help you to develop highly effective and exciting brands and, uniquely, we’ll empower your teams to build your trust in every interaction.

From start-ups to globally leading brands, we’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing people over the last 20 years and see them achieve game-changing results.

So let's talk.

Project examples

Professional Services

Brand development, trust training, creative

Global brand development, trust training, creative.

Over fourty bd enquiries in the first three months, global Top 10 brand in four years.

Brand development, trust training, creative

Brand effectiveness innovators

As we passionately push the envelope for our clients, we push ours, too.



From airlines to financial services to yoghurt, trust is the critical success factor in all categories and organisational functions. TrustLogic® scientific validation combined with the intuitive application through The Six Buckets of Trust® to fill, makes it an effective tool for organisations. Clients in over 40 countries have achieved results like strategic NPS improvement by 10% in months and a 33% sales increase in weeks. The standalone TrustLogic® Insight2Action Module consists of the Driver Analysis, online training to empower all teams and the TrustBot® that helps teams and their agencies turn insight into powerful, trust-optimised materials.

Most modern psychology

We introduced the most modern psychological understanding into Australia and we're the only ones who offer it here. We developed the TrustLogic® with help from Professor Salber, the father of this psychology, and his protegees.



We developed the powerful NeedsInSight® models, including the globally applied DonorDrivers®, that transform fundraising. We have developed over 200 of these foundational models internationally from Banking to Consumer electronics and they serve as essential models for brand positioning, value propositions and innovation.


We pioneered omnichannel implementation, which includes sales training and PR opportunities.

One example showed unaided awareness was propelled by up to 3x.


Based in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and Cologne, our team consists of specialists in multiple disciplines, ranging from psychologists to statisticians to creatives.

The team is lead by Stefan Grafe.

Stefan's career spans senior management positions such as Creative and Strategy Director, together with Head of Management Consulting, for major global networks.

He’s lived and worked in Europe and Asia, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

As a sought-after expert on building more trust, he’s worked with and trained teams from board level to telesales in over 40 countries.


Insight, development, creative

3.5x customer growth in four years and 4x higher customer egangement compared to benchmarks

Insight, brand and brand portfolio strategy, training.

25% customer growth in 18 months

Insight and Customer Experience design.

Insight, brand development, creative guidance

Top 20 most valuable brand in 10 years

Insight, segmentation, strategy, training

Insight, brand development, creative

Continued strong growth

Not for Profit

Insight, brand and value proposition development, customer experience design, global training, creative

2.5x marketing effectiveness, 53% pledge conversion improvement

Insight, brand development, training, creative

4.5x improved campaign engagement

Insight, brand and value propostion development

Successful launch, best ever tested value proposition

Health and Aged Care

Insight, Customer Experience design, creative.

Recognised as leader in CX by key industry publications

Insight, brand development, design

Insight, brand and value proposition, creative.

Year 2 targets achieved in year 1


Insight, planning creative.

+57% sales and 8.5% brand recognition

Insight, brand development, strategy co-development, design and creative guidance.

Exponential growth internationally.

Global insight, brand and portfolio development, category strategy.

No 2 in new international market in a year. Recognised in CCA annual report.

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